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Coronavirus Antibodies

Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. has a long-established history of providing critical antibodies and reagents as a qualified raw material supplier—specifically in the area of infectious diseases. Rockland has successfully generated antibodies to viral proteins corresponding to SARS Coronavirus, H5N1 influenza, H1N1 Neuraminidase H7N9 Avian Influenza A, Swine H1N1 Neuraminidase, Seasonal Influenza, Hepatitis virus A59, Hanta virus, Rift Valley Virus, West Nile Virus and others including viral receptors like ACE2. Many of these antibodies have been used either directly or indirectly for vaccine development, drug discovery and diagnostics.. Released April 2020


Tips for Collecting High Quality Data from Immunoassays

Rockland understands how important your research is. With their elite group of scientists and more than 50 years of experience, they are able to share their best tips and tricks with you – to help make your work more efficient. From performing a western blot, to diluting antibodies, or even choosing the right antibody – Rockland's scientists are here to help during each step of the way. Released October 2018


In Vitro Diagnostic Products

For over 50 years Rockland has provided a dedicated portfolio of general purpose reagents (GPR) used to collect, prepare, and examine specimens for a broad range of diagnostic applications. These include anti red-blood cell antibodies, secondary antibodies, gamma globulins, buffers, stabilizers, diluents and substrates. Similarly, Rockland has produced and validated monoclonal (MABs) antibodies against biomarker proteins that can be used as analyte specific reagents (ASR) and are available for licensing. Areas of research include cancer, apoptosis, neurobiology, immunology, cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases and epigenetics. Released July 2017.


Post-Translational Modification Antibodies

PTM antibodies target the chemical changes on proteins, DNA and RNA as a result of an covalent attachment. PTM antibodies can also be used to identify and purify protein-protein, protein-DNA and/or protein-RNA complexes containing the modified protein. Although the generation of PTM antibodies is challenging, at Rockland Immunochemicals scientists have developed proprietary methods for the development of highly specific PTM antibodies that can be used in a wide range of in vitro and in vivo studies of a modified protein, some of which are not easily performed. Released April 2016.


Patient Derived Tumor Models: Melanoma Cell Lines

Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. has partnered with The Wistar Research Institute, to produce, validate and distribute a diverse panel of low passage melanoma cell lines from freshly excised metastases. Released February 2016.


Lyme Disease

This brochure reviews the problems when diagnosing Lyme disease (LD) and introduces Rocklands new toolbox for LD testing. Topics include:

  • Lateral Flow Data
  • Proof of Concept Studies
  • Core Technology
  • Sequence Analysis & Protein Expression

Released August 2015.



TrueBlot® reagents enable you to generate clear, best-quality data in your immunoprecipitation and western blot protocols. Available in several options, from IP beads, to complete kits for IP/Western Blot, ELISA, or IHC. Released June 2014.