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United States Biological (USBiological) is located in Swampscott in Massachusetts, USA. It's production capabilities include antibiotics, antibodies, agarose, albumin, amino acids, biochemicals, biologicals, cytokines, enzymes, media, molecular biology kits, peptides and serum. All products are supplied with certified testing results. USBio provides a huge selection of antibodies.

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Complement Component 3a (C3a) BioAssay(TM) ELISA Kit (Porcine)
Complement Component 3a (C3a) BioAssay(TM) ELISA Kit...

Item number: 152433.96

Complement Component 3a (C3a) BioAssay(TM) ELISA Kit is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay for in vitro quantitative measurement of C3a in porcine serum, plasma and other biological fluids. Detection Range: 31.2-2000pg/ml, Sensitivity: 12.7pg/mlg/ml, Intra-Assay: CV <10% , Inter-Assay: CV <12%, Kit Components:...
Application: ELISA
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Alamar Blue
Alamar Blue

Item number: A1180.25

Alamar Blue(TM) is a safe, nontoxic aqueous dye that is used to assess cell viability and cell proliferation and is supplied as a sterile indigo colored liquid. Alamar Blue has also been shown to be a rapid and simple non-radioactive assay alternative to the [3H] thymidine incorporation assay. Applications:...
Application: Cell viability / proliferation testing
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Amphotericin B (Fungizone) Solution, 100X
Amphotericin B (Fungizone) Solution, 100X

Item number: A2230.50

Amphotericin B is a polyene antifungal agent for yeast, mold and mycoplasma. It was first isolated by Gold, et a., from Streptomyces nodosus in 1955. It is an amphoteric compound composed of a hydrophilic polyhydroxyl chain along one side and a lipophilic polyene hydrocarbon chain on the other. Amphotericin B is...
CAS 1397-89-3
MW: 924.09 D
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Ampicillin Solution 50mg/ml (6-[D-(-)-alpha-Aminophenylacetamido]-penicill
Ampicillin Solution 50mg/ml...

Item number: A2262.20

Ampicillin Solution, 50mg/ml, is a convenient, ready to use concentrated solution for molecular biology selection applications. It belongs to the group of beta-lactam antibiotics. These antibotics gram-negative bacteria to which E. coli and Salmonella belong. Beta-lactam antibiotic prevent the formation of...
CAS 69-52-3
MW: 403.40 D
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Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate
Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate

Item number: C3999.20

Chick Embryo Extract, Ultrafiltrate is used as a supplement in some growth media formulations. It is prepared by blending 11-14 day old chick embryos in a balanced salt solution (3X embryo volume). The solution undergoes centrifugation to remove larger particles and debris. The supernatant is subjected to an...
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Gentamycin (Gentamicin) Sulfate Solution 50mg/ml (Micromonospora purpurea) (5x20ml)
Gentamycin (Gentamicin) Sulfate Solution 50mg/ml...

Item number: G2032.20

Broad spectrum, cell culture antibiotic that is non toxic to viruses and mammalian cells at antibacterial levels. Inhibits growth of gram positive and negative bacteria, and mycoplasma. Inhibits normal protein synthesis by binding to L6 protein of 50S ribosomal subunit. Useful antibiotic for Baculovirus expression...
CAS 1405-41-0
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Tissue, cDNA, First Strand, Human Adult Normal, Peripheral blood leukocyte
Tissue, cDNA, First Strand, Human Adult Normal,...

Item number: T5595-0171.10

BioGenomics(TM) Tissue cDNA: cDNA is supplied as First Strand, Multiple Tissue Panels, and Matched Pairs. PCR-ready First Strand cDNA is tissue specific and are ready-to-use for gene discovery or expression analysis. Over 350 cDNAs from human adult and fetal normal tissues, human diseased and tumor tissues, rat,...
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GM6001 (Ilomastat, MMP Inhibitor, Galardin)
GM6001 (Ilomastat, MMP Inhibitor, Galardin)

Item number: G8237.1

GM6001 MMP Inhibitor (Ilomastat) is a potent inhibitor of collagenase. Broad spectrum inhibitor of matrix metalloproteases (MMPs) with Ki factor in nM range. Widely used to inhibit MMPs in vitro experiments and in animal models. Nomenclature: N-[(2R)-2-(hydroxamidocarbonylmethyl)-4-methylpentanoyl]-L-tryptophan...
CAS 142880-36-2
MW: 388.47 D
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Gentamycin (Gentamicin) Sulfate USP (Micromonospora purpurea)
Gentamycin (Gentamicin) Sulfate USP (Micromonospora...

Item number: G2030.5

Broad spectrum, cell culture aminoglycoside antibiotic that is non toxic to viruses and mammalian cells at antibacterial levels. Inhibits growth of gram positive and negative bacteria, and mycoplasma. Inhibits normal protein synthesis by binding to L6 protein of 50S ribosomal subunit. Useful antibiotic for...
CAS 1405-41-0
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Tris Hydrochloride (Tris(hydroxymethyl) aminomethane_HCl,_2-Amino-2- (hydroxymethyl)-1, 3-propanedio
Tris Hydrochloride (Tris(hydroxymethyl)...

Item number: T8650.1

Buffering agent in incubation mixtures. It has also been used as a component of lysis and TE (Tris-EDTA) buffer. One of the biological buffers. Synonyms: Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane HCl, 2-Amino-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1,3-propanediol HCl, Tromethamine HCl, CAS No: C4H11NO3HCl, Molecular Formula: C4H11NO3HCl,...
CAS 1185-53-1
MW: 157.60 D
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Coenzyme A, Free Acid
Coenzyme A, Free Acid

Item number: C7505-50.100

A co-factor in enzymatic acetyl transfer reactions. Synonyms: CoA, CoASH, HSCoA, CAS No: 85-61-0, Molecular Formula: C21H36N7O16P3S, Molecular Weight: 767.53, Appearance: White to yellow lyophilized powder, TLC (254nm): One spot, Potency: >250u/mg, Solubility (in water): Colorless, Loss on Drying: <5%, Storage and...
CAS 85-61-0
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Coenzyme A, Lithium Salt
Coenzyme A, Lithium Salt

Item number: C7505-51.25

Coenzyme A (CoA, CoASH, HSCoA) is a coenzyme that facilitates enzymatic acyl-group transfer reactions and supports the synthesis and oxidation of fatty acids. CoA is involved in the mechanisms of a wide variety of enzymes. Source: Yeast, Synonyms: CoA trilithium salt, CoA, CoASH, HSCoA, CAS No: 18439-24-2, Molecular...
CAS 18439-24-2
MW: 774.49
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