Company History


Biomol has been one of the leading suppliers of life-science and biotechnology products in Germany for over 50 years. Our intricate understanding of life sciences and research is fundamentally tied to the fact that our company was founded at the very same time, that the era of modern biomedicine was beginning; the late 1960s. The most important milestones in our company’s history:


The birth of Biomol. The one-man company begins in Heidelberg as a dealer of fine chemicals and electrophoreses instruments.


20 years later under the name ‘Biomol Feinchemikalien’, Biomol is taken over by the Hanseatic enterprise Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH (NRC) and relocated to Hamburg.


Biomol focuses on cell-biology research: The entry into international business is made possible by a partnership with an American biotech start-up. Working with these specialists in the area of signal transduction, Biomol is able to provide unique substances to pioneering researchers.


Continuous development of Joint ventures with American companies is expanded. With the on-going product diversification in the field of biomedical research Biomol serves the current scientific community and remains today at the cutting edge of research.


By remaining true to the motto „You have the vision, we have the substance“ Biomol cements its research orientation. ‘Biomol Feinchemikalien’ becomes ‘Biomol GmbH.’ As the results of kinase/ phosphorylation research begin to deliver new methods of tumor therapy, Biomol stands as one of the leading suppliers of antibody, kinases and reagents for phosphorylation research in Germany. The staff at Biomol receives, several times, the prize for Best Technical Customer Service and Sales.


From this point on customers can also shop at Biomol online at its website In the meantime the company offers 60,000 different products, everything from assays to zebrafish antibodies.


Change of management and promotion from within its own ranks: The new managing directors are Dr. Eckhard Renken and Carsten Nordmann of NRC. Simultaneously, NRC, the previous subsidiary, becomes a direct affiliate.


Gene regulation and epigenetics are the talk of the industry. Important tools for the analysis of genetic modifications have already been successfully marketed by Biomol for many years. The newest and continually simpler assays now enable every laboratory to perform inexpensive, quick gene expression studies.


Biomol‘s website,, strengthens the company’s international business. Biomols assortment includes over 250,000 research products from 34 manufacturers. 20 employees at our Hamburg office as well as our sales force make up the Biomol staff.


Biomol GmbH is acquired by long time supplier Cayman Chemical Company. Biomol continues operating as a top tier distributor of life science reagents to the German research community.


Celebrates 50th anniversary and moves to a bigger facility to support growth. Launches new website with enhanced features to allow customers to easily search over 520,000 products and streamline online ordering.


You have the vision, we have the substance. With our partners products we are making our contribution today and in the future to enable research in the fields of immunology, cancer, neuroscience, drug discovery, and molecular biology. Biomol continues to strive to provide the greatest service to our customers.