Anti-Desmoglein 2 / DSG2, clone 8E5.

Anti-Desmoglein 2 / DSG2, clone 8E5.
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1 mg/ml in 1X PBS, BSA free, sodium azide free. Recognizes a protein of 165kDa, identified as... more
Product information "Anti-Desmoglein 2 / DSG2, clone 8E5."
1 mg/ml in 1X PBS, BSA free, sodium azide free. Recognizes a protein of 165kDa, identified as Desmoglein-2 (DSG2). This monoclonal antibody recognizes the extracellular domain of human desmoglein-2. Desmoglein-2 is a member of the desmosomal cadherin family. Desmosomes are intercellular adhering junctions that represent cell surface attachment sites for intermediate filament. Desmocollins and desmogleins are the main desmosomal transmembrane proteins. Desmogleins consist of Dsg1, Dsg2, Dsg3, and Dsg4 isoforms. Within the desmosome, the extracellular domain of desmoglein is essential for calcium dependent heterophilic binding to the desmocollins, whereas the intracellular domain is essential for binding to the desmosomal plaque protein, plakoglobin. Human Desmoglein-2 is a type I transmembrane glycoprotein of 1117 amino acid (aa) residues with a 23 aa signal peptide and a 25 aa propeptide. It differs from other classic cadherins by having four instead of five cadherin repeat domains in its extracellular region, and a much larger cytoplasmic region containing five desmoglein repeat domains which share homology with the cadherin repeats. Instead of having the HAV adhesion motif found in type I cadherins, desmogleins have R/YAL as the adhesion motif on its amino-terminal cadherin repeat. The cytoplasmic tails of desmogleins interact with desmoplakins, plakoglobin and plakophilins. In turn, these proteins link the desmogleins with the intermediate filaments. Desmoglein-2 has been shown to be important in establishing cell-cell adhesion and function in epithelial cells. Desmoglein2 was originally identified in colon carcinoma and colon, and was named HDGC (human desmoglein colon). Protein function: Component of intercellular desmosome junctions. Involved in the interaction of plaque proteins and intermediate filaments mediating cell-cell adhesion. [The UniProt Consortium]
Keywords: Anti-HDGC, Anti-DSG2, Anti-CDHF5, Anti-Desmoglein-2, Anti-Cadherin family member 5, Desmoglein 2 Antibody / DSG2
Supplier: NSJ Bioreagents
Supplier-Nr: V3288SAF-100UG


Application: FC, IF, WB
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: 8E5.
Conjugate: No
Host: Mouse
Reactivity: Human
Immunogen: A recombinant human DSG2 protein was used as the immunogen for the Desmoglein 2 antibody.
Format: Purified

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