How Do Antibiotics Affect Protein Synthesis?

There are different types of antibiotics targeting the ribosome, mRNA, tRNA or factors associated with translation. But how do these antibiotics inhibit protein synthesis?

Gelite Safe - The Superior Alternative to Ethidium Bromide

Gelite™ Safe DNA gel stain is an extremely sensitive and stable fluorescent dye for visualizing DNA in electrophoretic gels, with greater sensitivity and lower background fluorescence than both ethidium bromide (EtBr) and SYBR® Safe.

How Do Antibiotics Affect Nucleic Acid Synthesis?

There are several types of antibiotics inhibiting RNA or DNA replication and thereby prevent bacterial growth. But how do these antibiotics work?

Ghost Red Blood Cells - A Natural Drug Delivery System

Ghost Red Blood Cells are used in biomedical research as a natural drug delivery system for the targeted treatment of intravascular and extravascular diseases with few side effects.

Proximity Ligation: A Revolutionary Protein Detection Technology

The Naveni™ Proximity Ligation Technology Platform pushes the boundaries of fluorescence-based in situ methodology.

How Do Antibiotics Work?

As one of the most highly exploited medication classes, antibiotics address a broad range of bacterial infections by either killing, lysing, or stalling the growth of microbes. But how do these compounds work?

Semaglutide Effectively Reduces Obesity

Obesity represents one of the greatest global health problems. With the addition of the diabetes drug semaglutide, a pharmacological therapy option could now be used to effectively reduce weight.

How Do Antibiotics Affect Plasma Membrane Function?

Antibiotics address a broad range of bacterial infections by either killing, lysing, or stalling the growth of microbes. Learn more about how antibiotics affect the plasma membrane in this article.

Top 10 Most Cited Products on Biomol

Biomol offers more than 625.000 products for life science research. Many of these products are used to enable new discoveries and are featured in a wide range of peer-reviewed publications. But which are the most highly cited products of all time?

Meet The Winners!

We are delighted that three of our suppliers, Bethyl Laboratories, Elabscience, and Arigo Biolaboratories, have been recently honored with the prestigious CiteAb Awards. Learn more about what sets them apart.

How Do Antibiotics Affect Cell Wall Synthesis?

Certain antibiotics interfere with various aspects of the synthesis of the peptidoglycan cell wall. Take a look at the underlying molecular mechanisms!

Colm Ryan on Mycoplasma Detection Kits and New Genomics Products

We recently sat down virtually with Assay Genie co-founder and CEO Colm Ryan to catch up on their latest tools for genomics and cell culture.
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