Biologically Active Peptides

Like proteins, peptides occur in nature and are responsible for many functions.

Species Differences in Pregnane X Receptor Activation

Examination of common laboratory animal species.

The First Therapeutic Use of Penicillin

On February 12, 1941 penicillin was first used in the treatment of a patient. This was the first time that an effective drug for the treatment of bacterial infections became available.

Henrietta Lacks' Immortal Cells

65 years ago the first immortalized cell line, today known as HeLa, was established.

Recycling the Cell: Autophagy and the Ubiquitin-Proteasome Processes

In order for the cell to function normally, a balance must be maintained between the production, degradation, and clearance of cytoplasmic components.

The First Synthetic Production of Growth Hormone

On January 6, 1971 Berkeley chemists announced the first synthetic production of growth hormone.

TrueBlot for Optimum Western Blots after IP

Generate publication quality IP western blot images.

Immune Checkpoints and Cancer

Cancer immunotherapy seeks to use the many components of the immune system to attack cancer cells.

Citrullination and Autoimmunity

Scientists who are studying autoimmunity or rheumatoid arthritis know something that many others might not: citrullination of proteins is hugely important.

Classic Fluorescent Labeling Dyes

Fluorescence is the result of a three-stage process that occurs in certain molecules (generally polyaromatic hydrocarbons or heterocycles) called fluorophores or fluorescent dyes.


Linking Immunity to Metabolism.

Molecular Weight Markers

Biomol introduces a new set of molecular weight markers at very competitive prices.
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