Donations & Memberships

We Care for the Well-Being of Children

Biomol considers social commitment as a matter of course. We focus on children’s welfare – because children are our future. And that’s why children should have a good foundation for their future.

We support research on child cancer as well as efforts to educate socially disadvantaged children and youngsters. And we help with the re-integration of young people with drug addiction. Therefore we support the following institutions and associations with donations:

Biomol supports the following foundations, associations, and initiatives through donations:


We Work with Organisations and Associations

As a Life Science Shop for science and research, for universities, research institutions und biotech companies, we support important associations and societies of the branch.


We Are Committed to the Future

In order to promote the scientific exchange and to set the course for the future, we attend congresses, symposiums and meetings and contribute to sharing information and communication.

Our commitment belongs specifically to young and prospective scientists whose numerous meetings we like to sponsor.