Website FAQ

Can I log in to the new website using my old account credentials?

Yes, all active user accounts have been transferred to the new shop, and you can use your old email address and password to log in. Please check your delivery and billing addresses after logging in to the new website for the first time and correct them if necessary.

How will my personal discounts be applied when ordering online?

Your personal discounts will be applied after checkout and will be reflected on your order confirmation. If you wish to see your specific pricing online before placing an order, please contact us by email at info@biomol.com and provide your customer ID.

Can I request an individual quote online?

For orders more than €1,000 you can request an individual quote after adding the items to your cart. After your request is processed by our customer service department, you will be notified via email. You can then review, accept, or reject the quote directly in your online account. Expired quotes are automatically removed from your account.


Orders and delivery FAQ

How do I place an order?

The most convenient way to order from us is via our online shop. We also accept orders by email at info@biomol.com or by fax at 0800-2466652. Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders placed by phone.

What is the typical delivery time?

If the product is in stock at our facility, we ship immediately by UPS Express Saver with delivery on the following day. With approximately 630,000 listed products, it is not possible to hold all items in stock. We often need to import products from our suppliers after your order has been placed. Our suppliers usually ship on Fridays, and the delivery typically arrives at our facility the following week. Customs and veterinary inspections may cause delays. You will find the typical delivery time online on the product pages and in the details on your order confirmation. We are happy to check the availability of items with our suppliers for you in advance.

How much will shipping cost?

Our shipping costs are calculated based on a packaging fee of 12.50 € for delivery within Germany plus a possible cooling fee of 16.90 €. Within Germany, we ship from 500 € net free of charge. For a detailed breakdown as well as for shipments to other countries please visit this site

Will I be charged if I cancel my order?

You can withdraw orders from us at no cost if the product has not yet been shipped to us from the supplier or to you from our warehouse. If the product has already been shipped to us by our supplier, we charge a 25% processing fee. We may also charge additional fees for return deliveries.


Product-related FAQ

Do you offer free samples of your products?

For many of our products, we offer smaller sizes. These are suitable for testing purposes and available at a lower price. Very few of our reagents can be ordered as free samples. Please let us know the catalog number of the item you are interested in, and we will happily provide information on the availability of both free samples and smaller quantities.

Has the antibody been tested in application X?

You can find validated applications directly on the product pages and in the PDF data sheets provided by our suppliers. The antibody's performance in the listed applications is guaranteed. Applications that are not listed have usually not been tested.

Is the ELISA suitable for samples from species other than those specified in the protocol?

A broad species reactivity can be assumed if the antigen is not a protein but an analyte that is structurally identical in various species, such as prostaglandins or steroid hormones. In such cases, however, you should make sure your samples match the detection range specified in the product manual and that the assay has been validated for your sample type. If your samples are from the species targeted by the immobilized capture antibody, it is advisable to purify the sample, to remove endogenous immunoglobulins, prior to performing the ELISA to avoid any interference with the assay.

Why is the product size of kit components specified as '1 each', and what is the concentration of these components?

Kit components are meant to be used with the assay kits listed in the data sheet and are not designed as standalone products. For this reason, no information is given on the concentration of the components.

How long is the dissolved substance stable?

In general, suppliers do not conduct shelf-life tests on the substances once they have been solubilized. The product descriptions therefore often do not contain any statements regarding the stability of the solutions. The stated stability refers to the undissolved, solid substance. For substances supplied in solution, the stability refers to the substance in the solvent as provided. There is usually no additional data available.

Can your synthetically produced substances be used in cell culture?

Typically, yes. However, the substances are usually not checked for sterility. If you would like to use the substance in cell culture, we recommend sterile filtration of the stock solution. Furthermore, endotoxin concentration is usually not tested.

Other questions? Feel free to contact us.