Anti-Collagen Type I


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COLLAGEN I Antibody has been prepared by immunoaffinity chromatography using immobilized antigens... more
Product information "Anti-Collagen Type I"
COLLAGEN I Antibody has been prepared by immunoaffinity chromatography using immobilized antigens followed by extensive cross-adsorption against other collagens, human serum proteins and non-collagen extracellular matrix proteins to remove any unwanted specificities. Typically less than 1% cross reactivity against other types of collagens was detected by ELISA against purified standards. Some class-specific anti-collagens may be specific for three-dimensional epitopes which may result in diminished reactivity with denatured collagen or formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissues. This antibody reacts with most mammalian Type I collagens and has negligible cross-reactivity with Type II, III, IV, V or VI collagens. Non-specific cross-reaction of anti-collagen antibodies with other human serum proteins or non-collagen extracellular matrix proteins is negligible. Protein function: Type I collagen is a member of group I collagen (fibrillar forming collagen). [The UniProt Consortium]
Keywords: Anti-COL1A1, Anti-Alpha-1 type I collagen, Anti-Collagen alpha-1(I) chain
Supplier: Rockland Immunochemicals
Supplier-Nr: 600-401-103S


Application: ELISA, IHC, IP, WB
Antibody Type: Polyclonal
Conjugate: No
Host: Rabbit
Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine
Immunogen: Collagen Type I from human and bovine placenta
Format: Purified

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Storage: -20°C
Shipping: -20°C (International: +4°C)
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