Meet The Winners!

We are delighted that three of our suppliers, Bethyl Laboratories, Elabscience, and Arigo Biolaboratories, have been recently honored with the prestigious CiteAb Awards. Learn more about what sets them apart.

Researchers’ Choice Award


This award was given to the company that judges felt had most impressed its customers, based on nominations made by the researchers who had used the company’s products.

Dr Andrew Chalmers said: “Huge congratulations to Bethyl Laboratories, which received a number of really strong nominations from its customers. As is always the case with this popular category, we had a huge number of nominations, but those for Bethyl Laboratories stood out. Most focused on the exceptional quality of the company’s products, but also mentioned were its fantastic customer service and the possibility of purchasing trial sizes of most reagents which researchers appreciated.

Bethyl Laboratories join an outstanding alumni for this award, with previous winners including Bio-Techne and Cell Signaling Technology. This is a huge achievement, demonstrating the high regard in which the company’s customers hold it, so on behalf of the team here at CiteAb I would like to offer my congratulations to Bethyl Laboratories.”

Nominators said:

  • “I always look to Bethyl first when I need to purchase a new antibody. Their quality control is excellent and their antibodies for immuno-blot and IPs are the best.”
  • “I have been a customer for many years, and they have made some superb antibodies for us and our colleagues.”
  • “Bethyl offers a wide selection of good quality antibodies, with trial sizes for most. They also cover a large number of commonly studied proteins and are easy to contact with quick customer service responses.”
  • “Bethyl Labs is my 'go to' company - I have been using their antibodies and ELISA kits for a long time. The company should be proud of their consistent products , prompt delivery and friendly service. These are the companies that need to be encouraged and applauded for their service since it saves time, effort and resources for the researcher.

Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2021 Award


This is an exciting award for the company with the largest percentage increase in citations for antibodies. To qualify for this category, a company must have at least 10 citations in the previous year. This award was designed to recognise suppliers with a smaller citation share who might be about to take off in this market.

We are thrilled that Elabscience has been named CiteAb Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2021. From the data generated through CiteAb, they are able to gain a really clear picture of the way antibodies are used around the world. They can tell which countries are investing most in research using antibodies, which companies are seeing growth or decline, which antibodies are most successful and which areas of research are seeing growth.

Dr Andrew Chalmers, founder of CiteAb, said: “Congratulations to Elabscience for being named CiteAb Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2021. This is a very exciting achievement, with data for the company demonstrating a quick upward trajectory in use of its antibody products. I wish the whole team at Elabscience the very best for the year to come, and many congratulations on their win.”

Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2021 Award Highly Commended


Congratulations to our partner Arigo Biolaboratories for winning this prestigious award and being named CiteAb Antibody Supplier to Watch in 2021 Highly Commended! Arigo Biolaboratories manufactures high quality antibodies and antibody duos as well as ELISA kits to meet the needs in the emerging research world.