Anti-SM22 (Transgelin), clone SPM606

Anti-SM22 (Transgelin), clone SPM606
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1 mg/ml in sterile PBS, BSA free, sodium azide free. This mAb recognizes a 22kDa protein,... more
Product information "Anti-SM22 (Transgelin), clone SPM606"
1 mg/ml in sterile PBS, BSA free, sodium azide free. This mAb recognizes a 22kDa protein, identified as Transgelin, also designated SM22-alpha. It may cross-react with SM22-beta. Transgelin is expressed abundantly in smooth muscle cells. The human transgelin gene encodes a 201 amino acid protein that contains nuclear factor-binding motifs known to regulate transcription in smooth muscle. During embryogenesis, transgelin is expressed in smooth, cardiac and skeletal muscle, but is restricted during late fetal development and adulthood to all vascular and visceral smooth muscle cells and low levels of expression in heart. Transgelin is down regulated in several transformed cell lines, indicating that a reduction of transgelin expression may be an early indicator of the onset of transformation. Transgelin also binds Actin, causing Actin fibers to gel within minutes of binding. Binding of transgelin to Actin occurs at a ratio of 1:6 Actin monomers. Protein function: Actin cross-linking/gelling protein. Involved in calcium interactions and contractile properties of the cell that may contribute to replicative senescence. [The UniProt Consortium]
Keywords: Anti-SM22, Anti-TAGLN, Anti-Transgelin, Anti-SM22-alpha, Anti-Protein WS3-10, Anti-22 kDa actin-binding protein, Anti-Smooth muscle protein 22-alpha, SM22 Antibody (Transgelin)
Supplier: NSJ Bioreagents
Supplier-Nr: V2878SAF-100UG


Application: FC, IF, IHC (paraffin)
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: SPM606
Conjugate: No
Host: Mouse
Reactivity: Human, Bovine, Swine, Rabbit, Mouse
Immunogen: Recombinant full-length human Transgelin protein.
Format: Purified

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