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Protein function: Contributes to the organization of the actin cytoskeleton and cell shape... more
Product information "Anti-Cortactin"
Protein function: Contributes to the organization of the actin cytoskeleton and cell shape (PubMed:21296879). Plays a role in the formation of lamellipodia and in cell migration. Plays a role in the regulation of neuron morphology, axon growth and formation of neuronal growth cones. Through its interaction with CTTNBP2, involved in the regulation of neuronal spine density. Plays a role in the invasiveness of cancer cells, and the formation of metastases (PubMed:16636290). Plays a role in focal adhesion assembly and turnover. In complex with ABL1 and MYLK regulates cortical actin-based cytoskeletal rearrangement critical to sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P)-mediated endothelial cell (EC) barrier enhancement (PubMed:20861316). Plays a role in intracellular protein transport and endocytosis, and in modulating the levels of potassium channels present at the cell membrane (PubMed:17959782). Plays a role in receptor-mediated endocytosis via clathrin-coated pits. Required for stabilization of KCNH1 channels at the cell membrane (PubMed:23144454). [The UniProt Consortium]
Keywords: Anti-CTTN, Anti-EMS1, Anti-Amplaxin, Anti-Oncogene EMS1, Anti-Src substrate cortactin
Supplier: Bethyl Laboratories
Supplier-Nr: A302-607A


Application: WB, IP
Antibody Type: Polyclonal
Conjugate: No
Host: Rabbit
Reactivity: Human (Expected: Chicken)
Immunogen: synthetic peptide. The epitope recognized by A302-607A-T maps to a region between residue 250 and 300 of human cortactin using the numbering given in entry NP_005222.2 (GeneID 2017).
Format: Antigen Affinity Purified

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