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iGEM - How Students Shape the World of Science

iGEM (or international Genetically Engineered Machine) is a non-profit, student competition for synthetic biology. Every year, the competition inspires thousands of students to work together in teams and push the boundaries of synthetic biology by tackling everyday issues facing the world.
Recently, we talked with our student assistant Dustin Krüger about his master’s thesis at the University of Hamburg.

Science History

One year celebrating the most exciting stories in science history.

The First Therapeutic Use of Penicillin

On February 12, 1941 penicillin was first used in the treatment of a patient. This was the first time that an effective drug for the treatment of bacterial infections became available.

Henrietta Lacks' Immortal Cells

65 years ago the first immortalized cell line, today known as HeLa, was established.

The First Synthetic Production of Growth Hormone

On January 6, 1971 Berkeley chemists announced the first synthetic production of growth hormone.

Immune Checkpoints and Cancer

Cancer immunotherapy seeks to use the many components of the immune system to attack cancer cells.

Molecular Weight Markers

Biomol introduces a new set of molecular weight markers at very competitive prices.
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The First Human Gene Therapy

On September 14, 1990, Ashanti DeSilva became the first of only two participants in the world's first approved gene therapy trial.

1968 Spotify Playlist for Your Lab

Listen to the greatest songs from 1968. Hand picked by the Biomol staff in celebration of our 50th anniversary.
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Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

This new chapter of our Science History series takes us only a few years back to one of the more recent discoveries in the field of cell biology and embryology.

Invention of the Hybridoma Technology

On August 7, 1975, César Milstein and Georges Köhler published their seminal paper on the production of monoclonal antibodies in continuous cell culture.
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