NUDT9, Recombinant, Human, aa47-350, His-tag (MGC3037, NUDT10)

NUDT9, Recombinant, Human, aa47-350, His-tag (MGC3037, NUDT10)
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NUDT9 belongs to a superfamily of Nudix hydrolases. It is known to function as a highly specific... more
Product information "NUDT9, Recombinant, Human, aa47-350, His-tag (MGC3037, NUDT10)"
NUDT9 belongs to a superfamily of Nudix hydrolases. It is known to function as a highly specific adenosine diphosphate ribose pyrophosphatase that hydrolyzes ADP ribose to AMP and ribose 5'-phosphate. It has been suggested that NUDT9 may be involved in the regulation of the menstrual cycle and may be related to the proliferation of glandular cells in the human endometrium. Source: Recombinant corresponding to aa47-350 from human NUDT9, fused to His-tag at N-terminus expressed in E.coli. AA Sequence: MGSSHHHHHH SSGLVPRGSH MNTNVMSGSN GSKENSHNKA RTSPYPGSKV ERSQVPNEKV GWLVEWQDYK PVEYTAVSVL AGPRWADPQI SESNFSPKFN EKDGHVERKS KNGLYEIENG RPRNPAGRTG LVGRGLLGRW GPNHAADPII TRWKRDSSGN KIMHPVSGKH ILQFVAIKRK DCGEWAIPGG MVDPGEKISA TLKREFGEEA LNSLQKTSAE KREIEEKLHK LFSQDHLVIY KGYVDDPRNT DNAWMETEAV NYHDETGEIM DNLMLEAGDD AGKVKWVDIN DKLKLYASHS QFIKLVAEKR DAHWSEDSEA DCHAL, Molecular Weight: ~36.5kD (325aa), confirmed by MALDI-TOF , Enzyme Activity: Not determined. This product is recommended for use in applications that do not require a catalytically active form of the protein. Storage and Stability: May be stored at 4°C for short-term only. Aliquot to avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Store at -20°C. Aliquots are stable for at least 6 months at -20°C. For maximum recovery of product, centrifuge the original vial after thawing and prior to removing the cap. Further dilutions can be made in assay buffer.
Keywords: PSEC0099, ADPR-PPase, EC=, Nudix motif 9, ADP-ribose diphosphatase, ADP-ribose phosphohydrolase, ADP-ribose pyrophosphatase, mitochondrial, Adenosine diphosphoribose pyrophosphatase, Nucleoside diphosphate-linked moiety X motif 9
Supplier: United States Biological
Supplier-Nr: N7400-24


Conjugate: No
MW: 38,5 kD
Format: Highly Purified

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