Sonic Hedgehog, mouse recombinant (rmSHH)

Sonic Hedgehog, mouse recombinant (rmSHH)
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Binds to the patched (PTC) receptor, which functions in association with smoothened (SMO), to... more
Product information "Sonic Hedgehog, mouse recombinant (rmSHH)"

Binds to the patched (PTC) receptor, which functions in association with smoothened (SMO), to activate the transcription of target genes. In the absence of SHH, PTC represses the constitutive signaling activity of SMO. Also regulates another target, the gli oncogene. Intercellular signal essential for a variety of patterning events during development: signal produced by the notochord that induces ventral cell fate in the neural tube and somites, and the polarizing signal for patterning of the anterior-posterior axis of the developing limb bud. Displays both floor plate- and motor neuron-inducing activity. The threshold concentration of N-product required for motor neuron induction is 5-fold lower than that required for floor plate induction (By similarity). ( Produced in E.coli as a single, non-glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 176 amino acids.

Keywords: SHH, HHG-1, HHG1, Sonic hedgehog protein
Supplier: Biomol GmbH
Supplier-Nr: 08546


Application: Cell culture
Conjugate: No
Expressed in: E.coli
Origin: Mouse
MW: 19800 D
Purity: >97%
Format: Lyophilized

Database Information

KEGG ID : K11988 | Find alternatives
UniProt ID : Q62226 | Find alternatives

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Storage: -20°C
Shipping: +20°C (International: +20°C)
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