Purification Media, Affinity, Avidin Beads

Purification Media, Affinity, Avidin Beads
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(Biotin-Capture) Avidin beads are useful carriers for biotinylated molecules, in various... more
Product information "Purification Media, Affinity, Avidin Beads"
(Biotin-Capture) Avidin beads are useful carriers for biotinylated molecules, in various applications such as the construction of affinity columns or for conducting immuno-precipitations (IP). Biotin-Capture Beads contain modified Avidin that is immobilized on rigid, highly cross-linked beaded agarose possessing high chemical Stability. Modified Avidin provides a substantial improvement over native Avidin. The high affinity to biotin is maintained, while background problems are minimized due to chemical modification on the protein. The Biotin-Capture Beads has proven to be particularly useful in the isolation of antigens and nucleic acids by employing biotinylated antibodies, or nucleic acid probes respectively. Biotin-Capture Beads can be used in numerous additional affinity chromatography applications. Biotin-Capture Beads Specifications: Matrix: Sepharose CL-4B, Coupling method: TargetLock, Type of Avidin bound to beads: Modified Avidin, Binding capacity: 2-4mg biotinilated BSA per ml of beads, Bead size: 40-165um, Bead structure: Highly cross-linked spherical agarose, 4%, Max back pressure: 0.3MPa, 3 bar, Max. flow rates: 4ml/min/cm2, Recommended flow rate: 1-2ml/min/cm2, Stability of the matrix: pH 2-11., Storage: 4°C in PBS pH 7.4 added with sodium azide 0.05% (w/v) as a preservative. Storage: Store gel refrigerated in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) or other ligand-compatible, buffer added with 0.1% azide (w/v) as a preservative until use.
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Application: Affinity columns

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