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16-phenoxy tetranor Prostaglandin A2
16-phenoxy tetranor Prostaglandin A2

Item number: Cay10285-1

16-phenoxy tetranor PGA2 is a minor metabolite found in human plasma after intravenous administration of sulprostone. Its biological activity has not been studied or reported in the literature. Formal Name: 9-oxo-15R-hydroxy-16-phenoxy-17,18,19,20-tetranor-prosta-5Z,10,13E-trien-1-oic acid. CAS Number: 51639-10-2....
Keywords: 16-phenoxy tetranor PGA2, 9-oxo-15R-hydroxy-16-phenoxy-17,18,19,20-tetranor-prosta-5Z,10,13E-trien-1-oic acid
Application: Bioactive lipid assays
CAS 51639-10-2
MW: 370.4 D
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