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(±)-11-hydroxy-Delta9-THC (CRM)
(±)-11-hydroxy-Delta9-THC (CRM)

Item number: Cay21667-1

(±)-11-hydroxy-Delta9-THC (CRM) (Cay-21667) is a certified reference material that is structurally categorized as a cannabinoid metabolite. It is a primary metabolite of Delta9-THC (Cay-ISO60157, Cay-12068). (±)-11-hydroxy-Delta9-THC is oxidized further to the secondary metabolite (±)-11-nor-9-carboxy-Delta9-THC...
Keywords: (±)-11-hydroxy-Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol,...
Application: Certified reference material
CAS 34675-49-5
MW: 330.5 D
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