COX-2 (human recombinant)

COX-2 (human recombinant)
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Cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2) is a bifunctional enzyme that exhibits both COX and peroxidase... more
Product information "COX-2 (human recombinant)"
Cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2) is a bifunctional enzyme that exhibits both COX and peroxidase activities and catalyzes the first step in the biosynthesis of prostaglandins, thromboxanes, and prostacyclins. The COX component converts arachidonic acid to the hydroperoxy endoperoxide prostaglandin G2 (PGG2, Cay-17010), and the peroxidase component reduces the endoperoxide to the corresponding alcohol PGH2 (Cay-17020). COX-2 expression is induced by a variety of stimuli, including phorbol esters, LPS, and cytokines and is responsible for the biosynthesis of PGs under acute inflammatory conditions. Thus, COX-2 has been the focus of attention for the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) development. Cayman's COX-2 (human, recombinant) contains an N-terminal hexahistidine tag and an alanine substituted for arginine at position 508 (COX-2N580A) that prevents glycosylation at position 580 and decreases enzyme degradation in cells. Synonyms: Cyclooxygenase 2, Prostaglandin H Synthase 2. Purity: >75% (estimated by SDS-PAGE). Source: Active recombinant N-terminal His-tagged COX-2N580A mutant purified from insect cells. Amino Acids: 20-604. MW: 67.9 kDa. Formulation: 80 mM Tris, pH 8.0, with 0.3 mM DDC, 0.01% Tween 20, and 10% glycerol. Specific Activity: >8,000 U/mg. UniProt Accession #: P35354.
Keywords: PHS II, PGHS-2, PHS II, PGHS-2, PGH synthase 2, PGH synthase 2, Prostaglandin H2 synthase 2, Prostaglandin H2 synthase 2, COX-2 {ECO:0000303|PubMed:17113084}, COX-2 {ECO:0000303|PubMed:17113084}, Prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2, Prostaglandin-endope
Supplier: Cayman Chemical
Supplier-Nr: 60122


Application: Enzyme activity
Conjugate: No
Purity: >75% (estimated by SDS-PAGE)

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