8-iso Prostaglandin F1alpha

8-iso Prostaglandin F1alpha
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8-iso PGF1alpha is an isoprostane that was first identified in human semen. It is a member of the... more
Product information "8-iso Prostaglandin F1alpha"
8-iso PGF1alpha is an isoprostane that was first identified in human semen. It is a member of the isoprostane family, which are eicosanoids of non-cyclooxygenase origin. 8-iso PGF1alpha is present along with its 19-hydroxy congener at 5-10 µg/ml of seminal plasma. Formal Name: 9alpha,11alpha,15S-trihydroxy-(8beta)-prost-13E-en-1-oic acid. CAS Number: 26771-96-0. Synonyms: 8-epi PGF1alpha. Molecular Formula: C20H36O5. Formula Weight: 356.5. Purity: >99%. Formulation: A crystalline solid. Solubility: DMF: 50 mg/ml, DMSO: 50 mg/ml, Ethanol: 50 mg/ml, PBS pH 7.2: 1 mg/ml. SMILES: O[C@@H]1[C@@H](CCCCCCC(O)=O)[C@@H](/C=C/[C@@H](O)CCCCC)[C@H](O)C1. InChi Code: InChI=1S/C20H36O5/c1-2-3-6-9-15(21)12-13-17-16(18(22)14-19(17)23)10-7-4-5-8-11-20(24)25/h12-13,15-19,21-23H,2-11,14H2,1H3,(H,24,25)/b13-12+/t15-,16-,17+,18-,19+/m0/s1. InChi Key: DZUXGQBLFALXCR-PUCCXBQTSA-N.
Keywords: 8-epi PGF1alpha, 9alpha,11alpha,15S-trihydroxy-(8beta)-prost-13E-en-1-oic acid
Supplier: Cayman Chemical
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Application: Bioactive lipid assays
MW: 356.5 D
Formula: C20H36O5
Purity: >99%
Format: Crystalline Solid

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