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8-iso Prostaglandin A1
8-iso Prostaglandin A1

Artikelnummer: Cay10035-1

8-iso Prostaglandin A1 (8-iso PGA1) is an isoprostane and a member in a large family of prostanoids of non-cyclooxygenase origin. It occurs as a common minor impurity in most commercial preparations of PGE1. The biological activity of 8-iso PGA1 has not been studied in depth or reported in the literature. Formal...
Schlagworte: 8-epi PGA1, 8-iso PGA1, 9-oxo-15S-hydroxy-(8beta)-prosta-10,13E-dien-1-oic acid
Anwendung: Bioactive lipid assays
CAS 211186-29-7
MW: 336.5 D
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