Recombinant Mouse HVEM/TNFRSF14 Protein (His & Fc Tag)(Active) (RPES4307)

Recombinant Mouse HVEM/TNFRSF14 Protein (His & Fc Tag)(Active) (RPES4307)
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Recombinant Mouse HVEM/TNFRSF14 Protein (His & Fc Tag)(Active) from Assay Genie. Recombinant... mehr
Produktinformationen "Recombinant Mouse HVEM/TNFRSF14 Protein (His & Fc Tag)(Active) (RPES4307)"
Recombinant Mouse HVEM/TNFRSF14 Protein (His & Fc Tag)(Active) from Assay Genie. Recombinant Mouse HVEM/TNFRSF14 Protein (His & Fc Tag)(Active) is a highly purified recombinant protein produced in HEK293 Cells and for the use in functional assays from Assay Genie.. Protein function: Receptor for four distinct ligands: The TNF superfamily members TNFSF14/LIGHT and homotrimeric LTA/lymphotoxin-alpha and the immunoglobulin superfamily members BTLA and CD160, altogether defining a complex stimulatory and inhibitory signaling network. Signals via the TRAF2-TRAF3 E3 ligase pathway to promote immune cell survival and differentiation (PubMed:19915044). Participates in bidirectional cell-cell contact signaling between antigen presenting cells and lymphocytes. In response to ligation of TNFSF14/LIGHT, delivers costimulatory signals to T cells, promoting cell proliferation and effector functions. Interacts with CD160 on NK cells, enhancing IFNG production and anti-tumor immune response (PubMed:25711213). In the context of bacterial infection, acts as a signaling receptor on epithelial cells for CD160 from intraepithelial lymphocytes, triggering the production of antimicrobial proteins and proinflammatory cytokines (PubMed:22801499). Upon binding to CD160 on activated CD4+ T cells, downregulates CD28 costimulatory signaling, restricting memory and alloantigen-specific immune response. May interact in cis (on the same cell) or in trans (on other cells) with BTLA (PubMed:19915044, PubMed:15568026). In cis interactions, appears to play an immune regulatory role inhibiting in trans interactions in naive T cells to maintain a resting state. In trans interactions, can predominate during adaptive immune response to provide survival signals to effector T cells (PubMed:19915044, PubMed:15568026). [The UniProt Consortium]
Schlagworte: TR2, HveA, CD270, Herpesvirus entry mediator A, Herpes virus entry mediator A, Tumor necrosis factor receptor-like 2, Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 14
Hersteller: Assay Genie
Hersteller-Nr: RPES4307


Konjugat: No
Exprimiert in: Human cells
Ursprungsart: Mouse
Format: Highly Purified

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KEGG ID : K05152 | Passende Produkte
UniProt ID : Q80WM9 | Passende Produkte

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