Progranulin (rat) (rec.)

Progranulin (rat) (rec.)
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AG-40A-0194-C010 10 µg -

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AG-40A-0194-C050 50 µg -

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Signal peptide and rat progranulin (aa 1-602) are fused at the C-terminus to a FLAGR)-tag.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Progranulin (rat) (rec.)"
Signal peptide and rat progranulin (aa 1-602) are fused at the C-terminus to a FLAGR)-tag. Lyophilized from 0.2µm-filtered solution in PBS. Progranulin (PGRN) is a widely expressed pluripotent growth factor which plays a role in processes such as development, wound repair and inflammation by activating signaling cascades that control cell cycle progression and cell motility. Its function in the central nervous system is of interest, as mutations in the PGRN gene were found in cases of frontotemporal degeneration (FTLD). In addition, PGRN has also been linked to tumorigenesis. Progranulin is a biomarker for FTLD, other types of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and potentially for MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment). Additionally, PGRN is described as a new ligand of TNF receptors and a potential therapeutic against inflammatory disease like arthritis.
Schlagworte: Proepithelin, PEPI, PC Cell-derived Growth Factor
Hersteller: AdipoGen Life Sciences
Hersteller-Nr: AG-40A-0194-C010


Anwendung: Metabolic studies
Konjugat: No
Exprimiert in: Human cells
Ursprungsart: Rat
MW: 65 kD
Format: Lyophilized

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Lagerung: -20°C
Versand: +4°C (International: +4°C)
Nur für Forschungszwecke und Laboruntersuchungen: Nicht für die Anwendung im oder am Menschen!
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