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5(6)-FAM, SE (5-(and-6)-Carboxyfluorescein, succinimidyl ester) *Validated for labeling peptides and
5(6)-FAM, SE (5-(and-6)-Carboxyfluorescein, succinimidyl...

Artikelnummer: ABD-110

Carboxyfluorescein (commonly called FAM) and its amine-reactive succinimidyl esters are favored over FITC in bioconjugations. FAM reagents give carboxamides that are more resistant to hydrolysis.
Anwendung: Labeling
CAS 117548-22-8
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5(6)-FAM N-succinimidyl ester
5(6)-FAM N-succinimidyl ester

Artikelnummer: CDX-C0011-M100

Yellow to orange powder. Soluble in DMSO or dimethylformamide. Fluorescent probe and cell staining dye. Reacts with primary and secondary amine groups on proteins and other biomolecules. Cell permeable and covalently couples, via its succinimidyl group, to intracellular molecules. Due to this covalent coupling...
Schlagworte: 5(6)-Carboxyfluorescein NHS ester (mixture of isomers), 5(6)-CFSE, 5(6)-FAM SE, FLUOS
Anwendung: Fluorescent probe, Cell staining probe, Amine reactive
CAS 117548-22-8
MW: 473,4 D
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