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United States Biological (USBiological) is located in Swampscott in Massachusetts, USA. It's production capabilities include antibiotics, antibodies, agarose, albumin, amino acids, biochemicals, biologicals, cytokines, enzymes, media, molecular biology kits, peptides and serum. All products are supplied with certified testing results. USBio provides a huge selection of antibodies.

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Dulbecco's MEM (DMEM) w/o Glucose, Glutamine, Serine, Glycine, Sodium Pyruvate (Powder)
Dulbecco's MEM (DMEM) w/o Glucose, Glutamine, Serine,...

Item number: D9802-01.10

Dulbecco's MEM is the most widely used modification of BME. It contains a 4-fold higher concentration of amino acids and vitamins. Non-essential amino acids and certain essential trace elements were added. The bicarbonate concentration was increased. The standard formula for DMEM is with 1000mg/ml glucose. DMEM was...
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Gentamycin (Gentamicin) Sulfate Solution 10mg/ml (Micromonospora purpurea)
Gentamycin (Gentamicin) Sulfate Solution 10mg/ml...

Item number: G2031.100

Broad spectrum, cell culture antibiotic that is non toxic to viruses and mammalian cells at antibacterial levels. Inhibits growth of gram positive and negative bacteria, and mycoplasma. Inhibits normal protein synthesis by binding to L6 protein of 50S ribosomal subunit. Useful antibiotic for Baculovirus expression...
CAS 1405-41-0
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5-Fluoroorotic Acid (FOA, 5-FOA, 5-Fluoroorotate, 5-Fluoro-4- pyrimidinecarboxylic Acid)
5-Fluoroorotic Acid (FOA, 5-FOA, 5-Fluoroorotate,...

Item number: F5050.25

Useful in the identification and selection of the strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that contain the mutant ura3- gene. 5-FOA is toxic to yeast cells that can synthesize the enzyme orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase and are therefore unable to grow on 5-FOA-containing media. Alternate Nomenclature: FOA, 5-FOA,...
Application: Selection of yeast cells
CAS 207291-81-4
MW: 174.10 D
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G418 Sulfate (Geneticin)
G418 Sulfate (Geneticin)

Item number: G1000.1

G418 Sulfate is an aminoglycoside related to Gentamycin, used as a selective agent in bacterial genetics. It is toxic to yeast, bacteria, many plant and mammalian cells, helminths and protozoans. Appearance: White, crystalline powder, Solubility: Colorless, clear, complete, Potency: >620ug/mg, Suggested Working...
CAS 108321-42-2
MW: 692.70 D
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Guanidine Hydrochloride (Aminomethanamidine hydrochloride)
Guanidine Hydrochloride (Aminomethanamidine hydrochloride)

Item number: G9010.500

Guanidine Hydrochloride is used as a common protein denaturant in the purification and extraction of mRNA, nucleic acids and proteins from cellular material. It acts as a strong RNase inhibitor, protecting cellular transcripts from degradation during tissue extraction. Synonyms: Aminomethanamidine...
CAS 50-01-1
MW: 95.53 D
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Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) 20% Solution (SDS, Sodium lauryl sulfate, n-Dodecyl sulfate sodium salt
Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) 20% Solution (SDS, Sodium...

Item number: S5010-01.100

SDS is an anionic detergent used to solubilize proteins. Creates denaturing conditions based on molecular size. Also useful in the preparation of genomic DNA from bacteria. Synonyms: SDS, Sodium lauryl sulfate, n-Dodecyl sulfate sodium salt, CAS No: 151-21-3, Molecular Formula: C12H25O4SNa, Molecular Weight:...
CAS 151-21-3
MW: 288.38 D
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Item number: D3224-99.100

A steroid extracted from the adrenal cortex. 11-Dehydrocorticosterone is a precursor to corticosterone converted by 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11beta-HSD1) which plays a role in glucocorticoid-induced insulin resistance. Alternate Name: 4-Pregnen-21-ol-3, 11, 20-trione,...
CAS 72-23-1
MW: 344.44
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Niacin USP (Nicotinic acid, Vitamin B3, Pyridine-3-carboxylic acid) (Nicotinic acid, Vitamin B3, Pyr
Niacin USP (Nicotinic acid, Vitamin B3,...

Item number: N2500.100

Nicotinic acid. It is a precursor of the coenzymes NAD and NADP. Widely distributed in nature, appreciable amounts are found in liver , fish, yeast and cereal grains. Dietary deficiency is associated with pellagra. The term "niacin" has also been applied to nicotinamide or to other derivatives exhibiting the...
CAS 59-67-6
MW: 123.11 D
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FK-506 (Fujimycin, Tacrolimus)
FK-506 (Fujimycin, Tacrolimus)

Item number: F4522-01.50

FK-506 is a potent immunosuppressant and in vitro T cell proliferation blocker. It has been shown to disrupt calcineurin (also known as CaN or phosphatase 2B)-mediated signal transduction in T lymphocytes. The compound interacts with its FK506-binding protein-12 (FKBP12). The resulting complex, in turn, interferes...
CAS 104987-11-3
MW: 804.02
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Nonidet-P40 (NP40) substitute
Nonidet-P40 (NP40) substitute

Item number: N3500.500

Nonidet-P40 is an anhydrous liquid nonionic surface- active agent produced by the reaction of octyl phenol with 8.5-9.5 moles of ethylene oxide. Nonidet-P40 (NP-40) is a nonionic surfactant used in the isolation of membrane complexes. This product has been reformulated to be eco-friendly. The only observable...
Keywords: NP-40, Igepal CA-630, T-DET O-series, ethoxylated octylphenol, T-DET O-9
CAS 9036-19-5
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Carbenicillin Disodium Salt (alpha-Carboxybenzylpenicillin disodium salt)
Carbenicillin Disodium Salt...

Item number: C1100.5

Carbenicillin (alpha-carboxybenzylpenicillin) is a synthetic penicillin derivative used as a selection agent for carbenicillin-resistant plasmids (amp). Synonyms: (2S,5R,6R)-6-[(2-Carboxy-2-phenylacetyl)amino]-3,3-dimethyl-7-oxo-4-thia-1-azabicyclo[3.2.0]heptane-2-carboxylic Acid Sodium Salt,...
CAS 4800-94-6
MW: 422.40 D
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Boric Acid
Boric Acid

Item number: B2560.500

Used as an ingredient in electrophoresis buffers. Synonyms: Basilit B, Boracic Acid, Boric Acid, Boric Acid (B(OH)3), Borofax, Boron Trihydroxide, Bushwhacker, CB BORiD, Dia Flea-Mate, Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DF, Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DFPBO, Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DT, Dr.'s 1 Flea Terminator DTPBO, Entimaden,...
CAS 10043-35-3
MW: 61.83 D
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