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Prostaglandin E2 p-benzamidophenyl ester
Prostaglandin E2 p-benzamidophenyl ester

Item number: Cay14054-1

PGE2 p-benzamidophenyl ester is a crystalline derivative of PGE2. PGE2 is one of the primary COX products of arachidonic acid and one of the most widely investigated prostaglandins. Its activity influences inflammation, fertility and parturition, gastric mucosal integrity, and immune modulation. The effects of PGE2...
Keywords: PGE2 p-benzamidophenyl ester, 9-oxo-11alpha,15S-dihydroxy-prosta-5Z,13E-dien-1-oic acid, (4-benzoylamino)phenyl ester
Application: Bioactive lipid assays
CAS 57790-53-1
MW: 547.7 D
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