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TWO-PRO(TM) 1 (equivalent to TO-PRO(R)-1) *5 mM DMSO Solution*
TWO-PRO(TM) 1 (equivalent to TO-PRO(R)-1) *5 mM DMSO...

Item number: ABD-17571

Ex: 515 nm. Em: 531 nm. TWO-PRO(TM)-1 is chemically equivalent to TO-PRO(R)-1 (TO-PRO(R) is the trademark of Invitrogen). TWO-PRO(TM)-1 is a carbocyanine dimer with green fluorescence similar to FITC. It is cell-impermeant and easily distinguished from Cy5 and rhodamines as a nuclear counterstain and dead cell...
Application: Biochemical assays, Nucleic acid detection, DNA detection
CAS 157199-59-2
MW: 645,38 D
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