Phytocannabinoid Known Unknowns

Learn about exciting developments in the world of cannabis testing with Cayman scientist, Jeffrey Williams. In this webinar Jeffrey discusses details about degradation pathways and phytocannabinoids.

Lentiviruses: Versatile Tools for Cell Biology

Lentiviral vectors have become essential gene delivery tools as they stably infect a large variety of dividing or non-dividing cell types in a wide range of hosts, leading to high efficiency of transduction. Pseudotyped lentiviruses are not only versatile, they are also safe and need only BSL-2 as opposed to BSL-3 containment practices.

Cell Death Detection Tools

Listen to Dr. Chandni Patel as she discusses the key morphological and biochemical hallmarks that can be used as markers to help distinguish the major types of cell death and explores the broad collection of assay kits, probes, antibodies, activators, and inhibitors available from Cayman that can be used to study the features of various cell death pathways.