Choosing the Right ELISA Blocking Buffer

Choosing the right ELISA blocking buffer often comes down to fully understanding the factors that determine ELISA plate blocking – especially the stabilizing processes involved.

How to Pick an Oxidative Damage Assay?

Stressed about picking an oxidative damage assay? Cayman Chemical provides a guide to help you choosing the right assay for detecting your DNA/RNA, protein or lipid damaging reagent.

How Did My Cells Die? Choosing the Right Apoptosis Assay

Apoptosis encompasses a non-inflammatory cascade of molecular events and results in distinct morphological changes including reduction in cellular volume, nuclear fragmentation, condensation of chromatin, DNA degradation, cell membrane blebbing, and subsequent dispersal into apoptotic bodies.

4 Tips to Master Social Media for Scientists

Are you a scientist that wants to master social media? If so, then these are the 4 essential tips to master social media that you need to know!

Guide to Enzyme Unit Definitions and Assay Design

Enzyme units and specific activity explained.

FAQ for Actin and Tubulin

Your questions answered by the experts from PurSolutions.

Western Blot Loading Controls

A guide to loading controls for western blotting.

The 10 Best DNA Dyes and Probes

With over 50 different probes on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to determine the optimal DNA dye for a given experiment. To simplify the process, here is what we consider the 10 best DNA dyes.

How to Select the Best Secondary Antibody

A guide by Camilo Moncada, Ph.D., Director of QC at Rockland Immunochemicals.