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Ghost Red Blood Cells - A Natural Drug Delivery System

Ghost Red Blood Cells are used in biomedical research as a natural drug delivery system for the targeted treatment of intravascular and extravascular diseases with few side effects.

Top 10 Most Cited Products on Biomol

Biomol offers more than 625.000 products for life science research. Many of these products are used to enable new discoveries and are featured in a wide range of peer-reviewed publications. But which are the most highly cited products of all time?

Comprehensive Toolkit Targeting Kinases

Kinases are arguably one of the most important drug targets due to the roles their mutations, overexpression, and dysregulation play in all major pathologies, including immunological, inflammatory, degenerative, metabolic, cardiovascular, and infectious diseases.

SARS-Coronavirus Antibodies

Following the recent pandemic of COVID-19 we are highlighting antibodies against the related SARS-Coronavirus.
Find out what our interview partner Luke Lindley has in common with Sylvester Stallone and how you can benefit from using TrueBlot in your IP experiments.

TrueBlot for Optimum Western Blots after IP

IP Western blots provide highly specific results, yet often suffer from heavy/light chain blotting, contamination, and ongoing interference.

How to Select the Best Secondary Antibody

A guide by Camilo Moncada, Ph.D., Director of QC at Rockland Immunochemicals.