Recombinant Human Interferon Lambda-2/IL-28A(C-6His)

Recombinant Human Interferon Lambda-2/IL-28A(C-6His)
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Source: Human cells. MW :20.6kD. Recombinant Human Interferon Lambda-2 is produced by our... more
Product information "Recombinant Human Interferon Lambda-2/IL-28A(C-6His)"
Source: Human cells. MW :20.6kD. Recombinant Human Interferon Lambda-2 is produced by our Mammalian expression system and the target gene encoding Val26-Val200 is expressed with a 6His tag at the C-terminus. IL-28A (Interferon-lambda2? IFN-lambda2), IL-28B/IFN-lambda3, and IL-29/IFN-lambda1 are type III interferons which are distantly related to IL-10 family and type I IFN family cytokines. Mature human IL-28A is an approximately 22-25 kDa protein that shares 66% amino acid (aa) sequence identity with mouse and rat IL-28A and shows cross-species activity. It shares 96% and 70% aa sequence identity with human IL-28B and IL-29, respectively. IL-28A promotes the Th1 polarization of dendritic cells in the airway and inhibits Th2 and Th17 mediated inflammation. IL-28A additionally exhibits anti-tumor activity, in part by enhancing IL-12 dependent anti-tumor CTL responses in vivo. In contrast, it is up-regulated in invasive bladder cancer where it promotes tumor cell migration. Protein function: Cytokine with antiviral, antitumour and immunomodulatory activities. Plays a critical role in the antiviral host defense, predominantly in the epithelial tissues. Acts as a ligand for the heterodimeric class II cytokine receptor composed of IL10RB and IFNLR1, and receptor engagement leads to the activation of the JAK/STAT signaling pathway resulting in the expression of IFN- stimulated genes (ISG), which mediate the antiviral state. Has a restricted receptor distribution and therefore restricted targets: is primarily active in epithelial cells and this cell type- selective action is because of the epithelial cell-specific expression of its receptor IFNLR1. Seems not to be essential for early virus-activated host defense in vaginal infection, but plays an important role in Toll-like receptor (TLR)-induced antiviral defense. Plays a significant role in the antiviral immune defense in the intestinal epithelium. Exerts an immunomodulatory effect by up-regulating MHC class I antigen expression. [The UniProt Consortium]
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