Prostaglandin D Synthase (hematopoietic-type, human recombinant)

Prostaglandin D Synthase (hematopoietic-type, human recombinant)
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Prostaglandin D synthase (PGD synthase) catalyzes the isomerization of PGH2 to produce PGD2. PGD2... more
Product information "Prostaglandin D Synthase (hematopoietic-type, human recombinant)"
Prostaglandin D synthase (PGD synthase) catalyzes the isomerization of PGH2 to produce PGD2. PGD2 induces sleep, regulates nociception, inhibits platelet aggregation, and acts as an allergic mediator. Two distinct types of PGD synthase have been identified, namely the lipocalin-type enzyme (beta-trace) and the hematopoietic enzyme. Hematopoietic PGD synthase (H-PGDS) is widely distributed in the peripheral tissues and is localized in the antigen-presenting cells, mast cells, and megakaryocytes. PGD2 is produced by H-PGDS in large quantities by allergen-stimulated mast cells and acts as a pro-inflammatory mediator in allergic reactions. H-PGDS requires glutathione for activity and belongs to the sigma-class of glutathione-S-transferases. Cayman Chemical's H-PGDS is a highly-purified, active recombinant enzyme isolated from an E. coli expression system. The enzyme is ideally suited for a variety of biochemical experiments including mechanistic studies and development of selective enzyme inhibitors.
Keywords: GSTS, HPGDS, H-PGDS, EC=, EC=, GST class-sigma, Glutathione S-transferase, Prostaglandin-H2 D-isomerase, Glutathione-dependent PGD synthase, Hematopoietic prostaglandin D synthase, Glutathione-requiring prostaglandin D synthase
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Supplier-Nr: 10006593-100


Application: Enzyme activity
Conjugate: No
MW: 23,3 kD
Purity: >95% estimated by SDS-PAGE
Format: Solution

Database Information

KEGG ID : K04097 | Find alternatives
UniProt ID : O60760 | Find alternatives

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Storage: -80°C
Shipping: -20°C (International: -80°C)
Signal Word: Warning
P Phrases: P264, P305+P351+P338, P332+P313, P337+P313
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