ATG3 (human) (rec.) (His) MultiPack

ATG3 (human) (rec.) (His) MultiPack
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3 x 50 µg. Recombinant human ATG3 (aa 1-337) fused to a His-tag. Protein function: E2 conjugating... more
Product information "ATG3 (human) (rec.) (His) MultiPack"
3 x 50 µg. Recombinant human ATG3 (aa 1-337) fused to a His-tag. Protein function: E2 conjugating enzyme required for the cytoplasm to vacuole transport (Cvt), autophagy, and mitochondrial homeostasis. Responsible for the E2-like covalent binding of phosphatidylethanolamine to the C-terminal Gly of ATG8-like proteins (GABARAP, GABARAPL1, GABARAPL2 or MAP1LC3A). The ATG12- ATG5 conjugate plays a role of an E3 and promotes the transfer of ATG8-like proteins from ATG3 to phosphatidylethanolamine (PE). This step is required for the membrane association of ATG8-like proteins. The formation of the ATG8-phosphatidylethanolamine conjugates is essential for autophagy and for the cytoplasm to vacuole transport (Cvt). Preferred substrate is MAP1LC3A. Also acts as an autocatalytic E2-like enzyme, catalyzing the conjugation of ATG12 to itself, ATG12 conjugation to ATG3 playing a role in mitochondrial homeostasis but not in autophagy. ATG7 (E1-like enzyme) facilitates this reaction by forming an E1-E2 complex with ATG3. [The UniProt Consortium]
Keywords: APG3, ATG3, hApg3, APG3-like, EC=6.3.2.-, Protein PC3-96, Autophagy-related protein 3, Ubiquitin-like-conjugating enzyme ATG3
Supplier: AdipoGen Life Sciences
Supplier-Nr: AG-40B-0141


Conjugate: No
Expressed in: E.coli
Origin: Human
MW: 37 kD
Format: Lyophilized

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Storage: -20°C
Shipping: +4°C (International: +4°C)
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