Bone Morphogenetic protein-5, human recombinant (rHuBMP-5)

Bone Morphogenetic protein-5, human recombinant (rHuBMP-5)
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Induces cartilage and bone formation. ( Human recombinant BMP-5 produced in... more
Product information "Bone Morphogenetic protein-5, human recombinant (rHuBMP-5)"

Induces cartilage and bone formation. ( Human recombinant BMP-5 produced in E.coli is a single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 139 amino acids (fragment 317-454) and having a total molecular mass of 15.7 kDa. BMP5 belongs to the bone morphogenetic protein family which is part of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily. This superfamily is comprised of large families of growth and differentiation factors. Bone morphogenetic proteins were initially identified by their ability of demineralizing bone extract to induce endochondral osteogenesis in vivo in an extraskeletal site. BMP5 is an essential signaling molecule within the trabecular meshwork and optic nerve head, and may play a potential role in glaucoma pathogenesis. It was shown that BMP-5 increases the levels of osteopontin, BMP-2, alkaline phosphatase and core binding factor alpha 1 mRNAs in human periodontal (HPL) ligamenT-cells. The BMP5 protein is expressed in normal synovial tissue and reduced in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. BMP5 may have a role in certain cancers given that it is differentially regulated during the formation of different tumors.

Keywords: Bone morphogenetic protein 5, BMP-5, BMP5, MGC34244
Supplier: Biomol GmbH
Supplier-Nr: 97274


Application: Bioassay
Conjugate: No
Expressed in: E.coli
Origin: Human
MW: 15700 D
Purity: >95%
Format: Purified

Database Information

KEGG ID : K04663 | Find alternatives
UniProt ID : P22003 | Find alternatives

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Storage: -20°C
Shipping: +4°C (International: +4°C)
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