Adiponectin, human (rHuAcrp30)

Adiponectin, human (rHuAcrp30)
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Human Acrp30 protein contains 244 amino acid having a molecular mass of 26.42kDa. Native... more
Product information "Adiponectin, human (rHuAcrp30)"
Human Acrp30 protein contains 244 amino acid having a molecular mass of 26.42kDa. Native adiponectin is isolated from human pooled sera and contains all HMW, MMW and LMW fractions. Adiponectin, also referred to as Acrp30, AdipoQ and GBP-28, is a recently discovered 244 amino acid protein, the product of the apM1 gene, which is physiologically active and specifically and highly expressed in adipose cells (Adipokine). The protein belongs to the soluble defense collagen super family, it has a collagen-like domain structurally homologous with collagen VIII and X and complement factor C1q-like globular domain. APM-1 forms homotrimers, which are the building blocks for higher order complexes found circulating in serum.
Keywords: Acrp30, AdipoQ, GBP-28, APM-1, ACDC.
Supplier: Biomol GmbH
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Application: Cell culture, Animal studies, ELISA, WB
Conjugate: No
Expressed in: Human source
Origin: Human
MW: 26420 D
Format: Lyophilized

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Shipping: +20°C (International: +20°C)
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