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Lumula is a hybrid eicosanoid analog that incorporates the docosanoid and prostamide features of... more
Product information "Lumula"
Lumula is a hybrid eicosanoid analog that incorporates the docosanoid and prostamide features of unoprostone (Cay-16680) and bimatoprost (17-phenyl trinor Prostaglandin F2alpha ethyl amide, Cay-16820), respectively, prostaglandin analogs that lack potency at the prostanoid FP receptor. Based on classical structure-activity relationships that have been established for prostanoid receptors, lumula is predicted to have low activity at these receptors. The N-ethyl amide prodrug moiety it inherits from bimatoprost is slow to hydrolyze and the lower side chain modifications inherited from unoprostone interfere with FP receptor binding. Lumula is intended for use as a negative control for testing mechanisms of unoprostone and bimatoprost activity. Formal Name: N-ethyl-9alpha,11alpha-dihydroxy-15-oxo-20a,20b-dihomoprost-5-en-1-amide. Synonyms: Maxeyprost, Unoprostone N-ethyl amide. Molecular Formula: C24H43NO4. Formula Weight: 409.6. Purity: >98%. Formulation: A solution in methyl acetate. Solubility: DMF: 30 mg/ml, DMSO: 25 mg/ml, Ethanol: 50 mg/ml, Ethanol:PBS (pH 7.2): miscible. SMILES: O[C@@H]1[C@H](C/C=C\CCCC(N([H])CC)=O)[C@@H](CCC(CCCCCCC)=O)[C@H](O)C1. InChi Code: InChI=1S/C24H43NO4/c1-3-5-6-7-10-13-19(26)16-17-21-20(22(27)18-23(21)28)14-11-8-9-12-15-24(29)25-4-2/h8,11,20-23,27-28H,3-7,9-10,12-18H2,1-2H3,(H,25,29)/b11-8-/t20-,21-,22+,23-/m1/s1. InChi Key: HKPRCFLRPPLNEN-XKRYCQBQSA-N.
Keywords: Maxeyprost, Unoprostone N-ethyl amide, N-ethyl-9alpha,11alpha-dihydroxy-15-oxo-20a,20b-dihomoprost-5-en-1-amide
Supplier: Cayman Chemical
Supplier-Nr: 16685


Application: Bioactive lipid assays
MW: 409.6 D
Formula: C24H43NO4
Purity: >98%
Format: Solution

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Handling & Safety

Storage: -20°C
Shipping: +20°C (International: -20°C)
Signal Word: Danger
GHS Hazard Pictograms:
H Phrases: H225, H319, H336
P Phrases: P210, P233, P240, P241, P242, P243, P261, P264, P271, P280, P303+361+353, P304+340, P305+351+338, P312, P337+313, P370+378, P403+233, P403+235, P405, P501
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