C-22 Glucosylceramide

C-22 Glucosylceramide
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C22 Glucosylceramide (d18:1/22:0) is an endogenous glucosylceramide. Glucosylceramides are major... more
Product information "C-22 Glucosylceramide"
C22 Glucosylceramide (d18:1/22:0) is an endogenous glucosylceramide. Glucosylceramides are major constituents of skin lipid membranes where they play a role in maintaining the water permeability barrier. They are precursors in the synthesis of lactosylceramide (Cay-16983), as well as oligoglycolipids and gangliosides. Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) type XIIA knockdown increases C22 glucosylceramide (d18:1/22:0) expression in rat brain. It is also increased in the brain, but not the liver or spinal cord, of mice fed a methionine-restricted diet. In human athletes, plasma levels of C22 glucosylceramide (d18:1/22:0) increase during exercise and return to basal levels during recovery. This product contains C22 glucosylceramide (d18:1/22:0) isolated from bovine buttermilk.
Keywords: N-C22:0-Glucocerebroside, N-Docosanoyl-glucopsychosine, N-Docosanoyl-beta-glucosylsphingosine, N-[(1S,2R,3E)-1-[(beta-D-glucopyranosyloxy)methyl]-2-hydroxy-3-heptadecen-1-yl]-docosanamide
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Supplier-Nr: 23210-1


Application: Endogenous glucosylceramide
MW: 784.2 D
Formula: C46H89NO8
Purity: >98%
Format: Solid

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CAS : 119242-44-3| Search using CAS

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