Abnormal Cannabidiol

Abnormal Cannabidiol
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Abnormal cannabidiol is a synthetic cannabidiol agonist of GPR55 (EC50 = 2.5 µM in a GTPgammaS... more
Product information "Abnormal Cannabidiol"
Abnormal cannabidiol is a synthetic cannabidiol agonist of GPR55 (EC50 = 2.5 µM in a GTPgammaS binding assay). It is selective for GPR55 over cannabinoid (CB) receptor 1 (CB1) and CB2 (EC50s = >30 µM for both in GTPgammaS binding assays). It is also a full agonist at GPR18, with an EC50 value of 0.835 µM for inducing p44/42 MAPK phosphorylation in HEK293 cells expressing GPR18. Abnormal cannabidiol increases migration of BV-2 microglial cells (EC50 = 0.6 µM). It induces endothelium-dependent vasodilation via a CB1-CB2-NO-independent mechanism and inhibits vasoconstriction induced by endothelin 1 (ET-1, Cay-24127) in retinal arterioles, an effect that can be blocked by the calcium-sensitive potassium channel blocker apamin (Cay-17082). Abnormal cannabidiol also decreases blood pressure in anesthetized rats when administered intravenously at a dose of 20 µg/g or when administered directly into the rostral ventrolateral medulla at 0.4 and 0.8 µg. Formal Name: 4-[(1R,6R)-3-methyl-6-(1-methylethenyl)-2-cyclohexen-1-yl]-5-pentyl-1,3-benzenediol. CAS Number: 22972-55-0. Synonyms: Abn-CBD. Molecular Formula: C21H30O2. Formula Weight: 314.5. Purity: >98%. Formulation: A solution in methyl acetate. Solubility: DMF: 50 mg/ml, DMSO: 60 mg/ml, DMSO:PBS (pH 7.2)(1:3): .25 mg/ml, Ethanol: 35 mg/ml. SMILES: CC1=C[C@@H](C2=C(CCCCC)C=C(O)C=C2O)[C@H](C(C)=C)CC1. InChi Code: InChI=1S/C21H30O2/c1-5-6-7-8-16-12-17(22)13-20(23)21(16)19-11-15(4)9-10-18(19)14(2)3/h11-13,18-19,22-23H,2,5-10H2,1,3-4H3/t18-,19+/m0/s1. InChi Key: YWEZXUNAYVCODW-RBUKOAKNSA-N.
Keywords: Abn-CBD, 4-[(1R,6R)-3-methyl-6-(1-methylethenyl)-2-cyclohexen-1-yl]-5-pentyl-1,3-benzenediol
Supplier: Cayman Chemical
Supplier-Nr: 10004259


Application: Bioactive lipid assays
MW: 314.5 D
Formula: C21H30O2
Purity: >98%
Format: Solution

Database Information

CAS : 22972-55-0| Find alternatives

Handling & Safety

Storage: -20°C
Shipping: +20°C (International: -20°C)
Signal Word: Danger
GHS Hazard Pictograms:
H Phrases: EUH066, H225, H319, H336
P Phrases: , P210, P233, P240, P241, P242, P243, P261, P264, P271, P280, P303+361+353, P304+340, P305+351+338, P312, P337+313, P370+378, P403+233, P403+235, P405, P501
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