iFluor(TM) 750 amine

iFluor(TM) 750 amine
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AAT Bioquest's iFluor(TM) dyes are developed for labeling proteins, in particular, antibodies.... more
Product information "iFluor(TM) 750 amine"
AAT Bioquest's iFluor(TM) dyes are developed for labeling proteins, in particular, antibodies. These dyes are optimized to have minimal fluorescence quenching effect on proteins and nucleic acids. Our iFluor(TM) 750 dyes have fluorescence excitation and emission maxima close to 750 nm and 780 nm respectively with good photostability. Our in-house comparable studies indicated that our iFluor(TM) 750 dyes are significantly brighter than the corresponding Cy7(R) and Alexa Fluor(R) 750. These spectral characteristics make them a superior alternative to Cy7(R) and Alexa Fluor(R) 750 (Cy7(R) and Alexa Fluor(R) are the trademarks of GE Healthcare and Invitrogen respectively). iFluor(TM) 750 conjugates have been widely used in fluorescence animal imaging applications. The iFluor(TM) 750 amine is stable and used for modifying carbonyl groups (e.g., aldehyde and carboxy groups).
Supplier: AAT Bioquest
Supplier-Nr: 1079


Application: Conjugation
MW: 1047,07 D
Format: Desiccated

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Storage: -20°C (protect from light)
Shipping: -20°C (International: -20°C)
Signal Word: Warning
P Phrases: P304, P312
Our products are for laboratory research use only: Not for administration to humans!
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