Anti-CD19 CAR Lentivirus (CD19 SCFV-CD28-4-1BB-CD3zeta)

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The anti-CD19 CAR lentivirus product is ready-to-use, high titer lentiviral particles of... more
Product information "Anti-CD19 CAR Lentivirus (CD19 SCFV-CD28-4-1BB-CD3zeta)"
The anti-CD19 CAR lentivirus product is ready-to-use, high titer lentiviral particles of anti-CD19 scFv linked to 3rd generation CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) containing CD28, 4-1BB, and CD3zeta signaling domains. The anti-CD19 CAR Lentivirus can be used to transduce nearly all types of mammalian cells, including primary and non-dividing cells. We validated the function of anti-CD19 CAR lentivirus by transducing it in both Jurkat_NFAT-luc reporter cell line and primary T cells. The anti-CD19 CAR functional expressions are confirmed in both Jurkat reporter cell line and primary T cells by FACS analysis and functional activation in co-culture experiments.
Keywords: CD19, B-lymphocyte antigen CD19, Differentiation antigen CD19, T-cell surface antigen Leu-12, B-lymphocyte surface antigen B4
Supplier: BPS Bioscience
Supplier-Nr: 79851-1


Application: Primary T cell transduction, CART design specificity, Efficacy, Potency validation, Antibody screening
Reactivity: Human

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