WM3854 Purified Genomic DNA

WM3854 Purified Genomic DNA
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WM3854-02-0200 5 µg (200 ng / µl) - -

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WM3854-02-1000 10 µg (200 ng / µl) - -

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WM3854-02-5000 25 µg (200 ng / µl) - -

3 - 9 business days*

Genomic DNA was purified from cells using genomic DNA preparaton kit according to manufacturers... more
Product information "WM3854 Purified Genomic DNA"
Genomic DNA was purified from cells using genomic DNA preparaton kit according to manufacturers instruction. DNA was diluted to 200 ng/µL in TE buffer (0.01 M Tris Chloride, 0.001 M EDTA, pH 7.6). Concentration was determined at A260 using nanodrop ND-1000. DNA was prepared from cell line WM3854. WM3854 is a human metastatic melanoma cell line that displays a mesenchymal morphology. This cell line was established from a heavily pigmented metastatic site (right upper flank of back) in a 64-year-old male with superficial and deep inguinal nodes forming a 3.0 cm mass. This cell line contains a Q61L mutation at position 61 in the N-RAS gene which causes increased signaling via the extracellular signal-regulated MAPK/ERK kinase pathways to enhance proliferation. This cell line is known to be wild type for BRAF, c-KIT and CDK4. WM3854 cells produce xenograft tumors when injected into immunocompromised mice.
Supplier: Rockland Immunochemicals
Supplier-Nr: WM3854-02


Application: Genomic libraries, PCR templates, DNA sequencing, DNA fingerprinting, Mutation analysis
Host: Human
Reactivity: Human
Format: Liquid

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