Anti-CD48, clone 156-4H9

Anti-CD48, clone 156-4H9
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0.2 mg/ml with 0.1 mg/ml BSA (US sourced), 0.05% sodium azide. Reacts with human CD48, a 45kDa... more
Product information "Anti-CD48, clone 156-4H9"
0.2 mg/ml with 0.1 mg/ml BSA (US sourced), 0.05% sodium azide. Reacts with human CD48, a 45kDa glycosyl phophatidyl-inositol (GPI)-anchored cell surface protein. CD48 is strongly expressed on lymphocytes and monocytes and weakly on granulocytes but is absent on platelets, fibroblasts, epithelium and endothelium. CD48 is one of marker for detecting the defects of GPI anchoring structure on the patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobulinuria (PNH) and serves as a low affinity ligand for CD2. Protein function: Ligand for CD2. Might facilitate interaction between activated lymphocytes. Probably involved in regulating T-cell activation. [The UniProt Consortium]
Keywords: Anti-BCM1, Anti-CD48, Anti-TCT.1, Anti-SLAMF2, Anti-CD48 antigen, Anti-BCM1 surface antigen, Anti-SLAM family member 2, Anti-Leukocyte antigen MEM-102, Anti-B-lymphocyte activation marker BLAST-1, Anti-Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule 2, CD48 Ant
Supplier: NSJ Bioreagents
Supplier-Nr: V3016-20UG


Application: FA (activity), FC, IF
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: 156-4H9
Conjugate: No
Host: Mouse
Reactivity: Human
Immunogen: Human CD48 protein
Format: Purified

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