Anti-CD206 (mouse) (APC Conjugated), clone C068C2

Anti-CD206 (mouse) (APC Conjugated), clone C068C2
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CD206, also known as mannose receptor (MR), is a 175 kD type I membrane protein. It is a pattern... more
Product information "Anti-CD206 (mouse) (APC Conjugated), clone C068C2"
CD206, also known as mannose receptor (MR), is a 175 kD type I membrane protein. It is a pattern recognition receptor (PRR) belonging to the C-type lectin superfamily. MR is expressed on macrophages, dendritic cells, Langerhans cells, and hepatic or lymphatic endothelial cells. MR recognizes a range of microbial carbohydrates bearing mannose, fucose, or N-acetyl glucosamine through its C-type lectin-like carbohydrate recognition domains, sulfated carbohydrate antigens through its cysteine-rich domain, and collagens through its fibronectin type II domain. MR mediates endocytosis and phagocytosis as well as activation of macrophages and antigen presentation. It plays an important role in host defense and provides a link between innate and adaptive immunity. Recently, MR on lymphatic endothelial cells was found to be involved in leukocyte trafficking and a contributor to the metastatic behavior of cancer cells. It suggests that MR may be a potential target in controlling inflammation and cancer metastasis by targeting the lymphatic vasculature. Protein function: Mediates the endocytosis of glycoproteins by macrophages. Binds both sulfated and non-sulfated polysaccharide chains. Acts as phagocytic receptor for bacteria, fungi and other pathogens. [The UniProt Consortium]
Keywords: Anti-MMR, Anti-Mrc1, Anti-CD206, Anti-Macrophage mannose receptor 1, Anti-Mouse CD206 Monoclonal Antibody(APC Conjugated)
Supplier: Elabscience
Supplier-Nr: E-AB-F1135E


Application: FC
Antibody Type: Monoclonal
Clone: C068C2
Conjugate: APC
Host: Rat
Reactivity: Mouse

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