Recombinant Human Sonic Hedgehog/SHH

Recombinant Human Sonic Hedgehog/SHH
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Source: E.coli. MW :19.69kD. Recombinant Human Sonic Hedgehog is produced by our E.coli... mehr
Produktinformationen "Recombinant Human Sonic Hedgehog/SHH"
Source: E.coli. MW :19.69kD. Recombinant Human Sonic Hedgehog is produced by our E.coli expression system and the target gene encoding Cys24-Gly197 is expressed. Sonic Hedgehog Homolog (SHH) belongs to a three-protein family called hedgehog. The other two family members are Indian Hedgehog (IHH) and Desert Hedgehog (DHH). Hedgehog proteins are key signaling molecules in embryonic development. SHH is expressed in various embryonic tissues and plays critical roles in regulating the patterning of many systems, such as limbs and brain. SHH also plays an important role in adult, including the division of adult stem cells and the development of certain cancers and other diseases. Human SHH is expressed as a 45kDa precursor, and undergoes a series of processing during secretion. After the removal of the signal peptide, a protease within the C-terminal domain catalyzes the cleavage of SHH into a 20 kDa N-terminal signaling domain (SHH-N) and a 25 kDa C-terminal domain (SHH-C). SHH-N has the "all signaling" capability. SHH-N binds to the 12 pass transmembrane protein Patched (Ptc) on cell surface, which releases the repression of the activity of Smoothened (Smo), a G-protein coupled receptor, by Ptc. Protein function: Sonic hedgehog protein: The C-terminal part of the sonic hedgehog protein precursor displays an autoproteolysis and a cholesterol transferase activity. Both activities result in the cleavage of the full-length protein into two parts (ShhN and ShhC) followed by the covalent attachment of a cholesterol moiety to the C-terminal of the newly generated ShhN. Both activities occur in the reticulum endoplasmic. Once cleaved, ShhC is degraded in the endoplasmic reticulum. [The UniProt Consortium]
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