Galectin-7, His tag, mouse recombinant (rmLGALS7-His)

Galectin-7, His tag, mouse recombinant (rmLGALS7-His)
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Mouse recombinant LGALS7 produced E.coli is a single polypeptide chain containing 159 amino acids... mehr
Produktinformationen "Galectin-7, His tag, mouse recombinant (rmLGALS7-His)"
Mouse recombinant LGALS7 produced E.coli is a single polypeptide chain containing 159 amino acids (1-136) and having a molecular mass of 17.6kDa. LGALS7 is fused to a 23 amino acid His-tag at N-terminus. Galectins are a family of animal lectins with an affinity for beta-galactosides. This family has at least 14 identified members. Galectins share similarities in the CRD (the carbohydrate recognition domain). Galectins are synthesized as cytosolic proteins. Though localized principally in the cytoplasm and lacking a classical signal peptide, galectins can also be stimulated to secretion by non-classical pathways or alternatively targeted to the nucleus. Galectins are involved in modulating cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. Human Galectin-7 belongs to the prototypical Galectins containing a single CRD, which is initially identified in human epidermis as a monomer. The Galectin-7 expression is induced by tumor suppressor protein p53 and associated with apoptosis. Galectin-7 is a pro-apoptotic protein which functions intracellularlly upstream of JNK activation and mitochondrial cytochrome c release. The correlation of Galectin-7 with the UV-induced apoptosis of keratinocytes presents a critical mechanism in the maintenance of epidermal homeostasis. Human Galectin-7 is localized in both nucleus and cytoplasm.
Schlagworte: Gal-7, Lgals7, Galectin-7
Hersteller: Biomol GmbH
Hersteller-Nr: 97603


Anwendung: Bioassays
Konjugat: No
Exprimiert in: E.coli
Ursprungsart: Mouse
MW: 17600 D
Reinheit: >95%
Format: Solution

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UniProt ID : O54974 | Finde Alternativen

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Versand: +4°C (International: +4°C)
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