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Custom conjugation services for this antibody as available (eg. labeling of Anti-T3JAM with HRP.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Anti-T3JAM"
Custom conjugation services for this antibody as available (eg. labeling of Anti-T3JAM with HRP. Available labels are AF: AF350, AF488, AF555, AF594, AF647, AF680, AF700, AF750. Proteins: HRP, Alkaline Phosphatase, Streptavidin. Tandems: APC, APC/Cy7, APC/AF750, APC/iFluor(TM) 700, APC/iFluor(TM) 750, PE, PE/Cy5, PE/Cy7, PE/AF610, PE/AF700, PE/iFluor(TM) 594, PE/iFluor(TM) 647, PE/iFluor(TM) 700, PE/iFluor(TM) 750, PE/Texas Red(R), PerCP, PerCP/Cy5.5. Small Molecules: Biotin. Traditional Dyes: FITC (Fluorescein), TRITC (Rhodamine), PacBlue, PacOrange, Cy3, Cy5. iFluor: 350, 405, 430, 450, 488, 514, 532, 546, 555, 560, 568, 594, 610, 633, 647, 660, 670, 680, 700, 710, 750, 790, 800, 810, 820, 840, 860, A7. mFluor: UV375, UV460, Violet 450, Violet 500, Violet 510, Violet 540, Blue 570, Green 620, Red 700, Red 780. Protein function: Adapter protein that plays essential roles in both innate and adaptive immunity. Plays a crucial role in the regulation of thymocyte development (PubMed:26195727). Mechanistically, mediates TCR-stimulated activation through recruiting MAP2K1/MEK1 to the Golgi and, thereby, facilitating the interaction of MAP2K1/MEK1 with its activator BRAF (PubMed:26195727). Plays also an essential role in regulatory T-cell stability and function by recruiting the serine-threonine phosphatase catalytic subunit (PPP2CA) to the lysosome, thereby facilitating the interaction of PP2Ac with the mTORC1 component RPTOR and restricting glycolytic metabolism (PubMed:30115741). Positively regulates TLR4 signaling activity in macrophage-mediated inflammation by acting as a molecular clamp to facilitate LPS-induced translocation of TLR4 to lipid rafts (PubMed:30573680). In response to viral infection, facilitates the recruitment of TRAF3 to MAVS within mitochondria leading to IRF3 activation and interferon production (PubMed:31390091). However, participates in the maintenance of immune homeostasis and the prevention of overzealous innate immunity by promoting 'Lys-48'- dependent ubiquitination of TBK1 (PubMed:32366851). [The UniProt Consortium]
Schlagworte: Anti-T3JAM, Anti-TRAF3IP3, Anti-TRAF3-interacting protein 3, Anti-TRAF3-interacting JNK-activating modulator, T3JAM Antibody
Hersteller: AAT Bioquest
Hersteller-Nr: 8C13118


Anwendung: WB, IF, ELISA
Antikörper-Typ: Polyclonal
Konjugat: No
Wirt: Rabbit
Reaktivität: Human, Mouse
Immunogen: synthetic peptide
Format: Antigen Affinity Purified

Datenbank Information

UniProt ID : Q9Y228 | Finde Alternativen
Gene ID GeneID 80342 | Finde Alternativen

Handhabung & Sicherheit

Lagerung: -20°C
Versand: +4°C (International: +4°C)
Nur für Forschungszwecke und Laboruntersuchungen: Nicht für die Anwendung im oder am Menschen!
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