Anti-PLA2R, clone 12-6-5


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Protein function: Receptor for secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2). Acts as a receptor for... mehr
Produktinformationen "Anti-PLA2R, clone 12-6-5"
Protein function: Receptor for secretory phospholipase A2 (sPLA2). Acts as a receptor for phosholipase sPLA2-IB/PLA2G1B but not sPLA2- IIA/PLA2G2A. Also able to bind to snake PA2-like toxins. Although its precise function remains unclear, binding of sPLA2 to its receptor participates in both positive and negative regulation of sPLA2 functions as well as clearance of sPLA2. Binding of sPLA2- IB/PLA2G1B induces various effects depending on the cell type, such as activation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascade to induce cell proliferation, the production of lipid mediators, selective release of arachidonic acid in bone marrow- derived mast cells. In neutrophils, binding of sPLA2-IB/PLA2G1B can activate p38 MAPK to stimulate elastase release and cell adhesion. May be involved in responses in proinflammatory cytokine productions during endotoxic shock. Also has endocytic properties and rapidly internalizes sPLA2 ligands, which is particularly important for the clearance of extracellular sPLA2s to protect their potent enzymatic activities. The soluble secretory phospholipase A2 receptor form is circulating and acts as a negative regulator of sPLA2 functions by blocking the biological functions of sPLA2-IB/PLA2G1B. [The UniProt Consortium]
Schlagworte: Anti-PLA2R1, Anti-CLEC13C
Hersteller-Nr: ARG10651100


Anwendung: FC, ICC, IF, IHC (paraffin), WB
Antikörper-Typ: Monoclonal
Klon: 12-6-5
Wirt: Mouse
Reaktivität: Human
Immunogen: Recombinant protein around aa. 20-663 (extracellular sequence) of Human PLA2R

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Lagerung: -20°C
Versand: +4°C (International: +4°C)
Nur für Forschungszwecke und Laboruntersuchungen: Nicht für die Anwendung im oder am Menschen!
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