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Rockland Immunochemicals

For over three decades ROCKLAND produces immunochemicals in its Pennsylvania based farm. ROCKLAND utilizes the most technologically advanced equipment to produce and thoroughly test its immunochemical products including computer facilitated ELISA systems, preparative and analytical High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), SDS-PAGE, isoelectric focusing and Western blotting as well as classical immunological methodologies. Although not required, ROCKLAND has opted to manufacture all products under conditions of GMP to provide the best possible level of manufacturing control and product reliability. Whereas ROCKLAND is well-known for its state-of-the-art secondary antibodies (also available conjugated to enzymes and many fluorochromes), not many know that ROCKLAND is also a producer of some of the best primary antibodies available, e. g. those against NFkappaB.


Products from Rockland Immunochemicals

New products from Rockland Immunochemicals

AKT2 Control PeptideRockland50 µg
AKT2 Control PeptideRockland50 µg
BOVINE IgG whole moleculeRockland10 mg
CAT IgG whole moleculeRockland2 mg
CAT IgG F(ab')2 fragmentRockland1 mg
BOVINE IgG F(ab')2 fragmentRockland2 mg
Feline Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 beta (CXCL12) Recombinant ProteinRockland100 µg
Feline Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 beta (CXCL12) Recombinant ProteinRockland1 mg
Feline Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 beta (CXCL12) Recombinant ProteinRockland5 µg
Feline Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1 beta (CXCL12) Recombinant ProteinRockland25 µg
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Latest literature from Rockland Immunochemicals


TrueBlot® reagents enable you to generate clear, best-quality data in your immunoprecipitation and western blot protocols. Available in several options, from IP beads, to complete kits for IP/Western Blot, ELISA, or IHC. Released June 2014.


Cancer - Neuroscience - Epigenetics

List of Rockland antibodies targeted for Cancer, Neuroscience and Epigenetics research. Released April 2013.


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Rockland Immunochemicals infos

TrueBlot for Optimum WB after IP

Generate publication quality IP and western blot images.


WB Stripping Buffer

Protocol for stripping HRP-conjugated and fluorescent-conjugated antibodies in western blotting.


Rockland Partners with National Cancer Institute

Rockland Immunochemicals has released 95 antibodies that are involved in signal transduction and cancer research.


Rockland Savings

Save 10% on list prices of all Rockland products until end of August 2015!


ATTO Conjugated Antibodies

ATTO-fluorescent dyes are a new generation of patented fluorescent markers.


Rockland Western Blotting Kits

Rockland Immunochemicals offers several western blotting kits.


Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) Nanoscopy of Akt-phospho-Ser473

Akt is a component of the PI-3 kinase pathway and is activated by phosphorylation at Ser 473 and Thr 308.


Virology Antibodies

Rockland Immunochemicals produces a range of antibodies for detection of viruses.


Ubiquitin and UBL Antibodies

Rockland Immunochemicals produces a fine selection of antibodies to proteins involved in ubiquitination or ubiquitin-like pathways.


Cell Cycle Protein Antibodies

Rockland Immunochemicals produces a large selection of antibodies and antibody kits for cell cycle research.

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