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Biomol GmbH

Biomol from Hamburg, Germany was founded in 1968 in Ilvesheim near Heidelberg. Our own product line ranges from cytokines to traditional biochemicals, special antibodies and peptides. They complement the products from our partners in the field of signal transduction and gene regulation research.

Biomol GmbH

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New products from Biomol GmbH

L-AsparaginaseBiomol GmbH10000 IU
Calpain Inhibitor IBiomol GmbH5 mg
Ebola Zaire (EBOV), recombinantBiomol GmbH1 mg
Ebola Sudan (SUDV), recombinantBiomol GmbH1 mg
Agarose, high resolutionBiomol GmbH50 g
O-Desmethyl AstemizoleBiomol GmbH100 mg
Apolipoprotein A-I, human recombinant (rhuAPOA1)Biomol GmbH1 mg
Pleiotrophin, human recombinant (rhuPTN)Biomol GmbH1 mg
Bone Morphogenetic protein-6, human recombinant (rhuBMP6)Biomol GmbH100 µg
Apolipoprotein A-I, human recombinant (rhuAPOA1)Biomol GmbH20 µg
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Latest literature from Biomol GmbH

Cytokines 3.0

The Cytokines Catalog, 3rd Edition. Includes Interleukins, Growth Factors, Interferons, Colony Stimulating Factors, Tumor Necrosis Factors and Chemokines. Released January 2012.


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TEV Protease

The TEV protease is a highly site-specific cysteine protease that is found in the Tobacco Etch Virus (TEV) often used for easy tag removal.


Molecular Weight Markers

Biomol introduces a new set of molecular weight markers at a very competitive prices.


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